The Elder Scrolls Online meets with class reps, rolls back Sorc changes as community maxes out Summerfall event

gotta keep 'em separated

Good news for Sorcerer players in The Elder Scrolls Online. If you hated the thought of having a cast time on your shielding spells, you’ll be happy to know that is being reversed following a lengthy and elaborate meeting between developers and class representatives. A post summarizing the meeting explains that the process was a bit different from the usual class representative meetings, with an attempt to understand both designer intent and player concerns on both sides.

In the case of Sorcerers, the designers wanted to make sure that players had reason to not just dump everything into Magicka and thus create a balance between survivability and offensive capacity. However, players were already suffering from lowered damage, and the cast time alone would make shields functionally worthless in any PvP environment. Adjustment will be needed to make sure that the abilities work properly in both PvE and PvP, but the change players were most afraid of has been recognized as a bad idea.

Of course, there were meetings with representatives other than Sorcerers, which produced more useful information. Player speed and Champion Points are both issues that need to be addressed, the former because it’s hurting melee abilities and the latter by not counterbalancing bonuses with penalties correctly. There’s also understanding that Stamina-based Dragon Knights need some offensive capacity and the Magicka-based options need more defined roles in the metagame. There’s a lot to digest for players, but it seems to be a good discussion about perceived issues from both sides.

Meanwhile, the Summerfall event was apparently a resounding success, so players get free stuff! Hooray for free stuff!

Source: Official Site, Twitter. Cheers, Darthbawl!

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