Warframe will be one of the first games testing mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One

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There’s a certain joyous weirdness in playing Warframe on an Xbox One and then doing so with a mouse and keyboard, also known as “how you’d be playing on a computer instead of on the console.” But that’s still an option you’ll have shortly; the title will be one of the first test subjects for mouse and keyboard support on the platform, and so you’ll be able to test it out sometime in the near future.

Not everyone is going to be able to use it, of course; the official announcement is that it’ll be available for select Xbox Insiders, so likely Warframe was a test candidate simply because the interface already exists with mouse and keyboard. All the same, it’ll be an interesting test and a chance to play the game in a different way. Which is also a familiar way. You get the idea.

Source: Xbox site; thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!
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Those controllers are the only thing holding me back from buying a console. I know there are keyboard mouse adapters but it is sort of ok. Microsoft is Teaming up with Razer to do some testing and hardware design so should be some nice xbox branded keyboard mouse combos.

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Bhima Jenkins

M&K are supported on both XBOX and PS4. The game devs have to implement it is all. Fortnite already has near flawless M&K support at least on the PS4 since that is what I have.

With the next-gen systems on the horizon, mouse and keyboard should be a native implementation so certain game devs can allow players to use them if they so choose. This will be important, as the next gen systems will be pretty powerful computers, and games such as Star Citizen or other more complex MMOs will want to be able to sell to this audience.

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Alex Willis

Finally, a console is becoming the crappy PC it was always destined to be.


Played this game when it first came out on pc, it was fun loot shooter. Tried it again on xbox, getting your character to move let alone aim and shoot anything was almost as bad as Destiny 1.

I was left with how can anyone play this on a console when there is a pc version which is a trillion times better?

This might make WF playable on a console. As good as a pc? highly doubt it, but at least it might make it playable on console.