Activision knows the power of cross-play, but it will need some time to implement it

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Blizzard is very familiar with the advantages of cross-platform play, because Hearthstone exists and does quite well for it with exactly that. But there are other titles in Activision’s larger house able to benefit from cross-platform play including Destiny 2, the Call of Duty series, and the Skylanders franchise. But don’t expect it to happen immediately, as Activision representatives have stated that it would take some time to implement this in any of its games.

The publisher is quick to point out Hearthstone as an example where it works, but even if Sony’s current testing works out well, most of Activision’s stable is not currently set up for cross-platform antics, which would make changing that a significant undertaking even once it happens. Of course, Activision also hadn’t claimed that big mean Mr. Sony was the reason its games didn’t have cross-play, so that certainly eases the sting.

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Danny Smith

Honestly destiny could use it more than fortnite. Last i saw the ratio of users was like 60% PS4, 30% Xbone and 10% PC. Even if its shifted there aint no denying the number is still real skewed.

Bruno Brito

Activision knows a lot, they just won’t do much.

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Legend Of Vinny T

Nothing Activision says about cross-play means jack shit as long as they’ll gladly take Sony’s money to keep Destiny content Xbox and PC customers paid for exclusive to Playstation for an entire year. Maybe two. Maybe until after the sequel ships. Who knows? Activision is acting entirely on Sony’s whims here. I do know cross-play can’t possibly be turned on in Destiny 2 as long as ⅔ of the player base can’t play certain strikes or equip certain gear.


Heh I’m sure making a game like Hearthstone work across multiple platforms does involve just about the same amount of coding as monsters such as Destiny would, the engineers will appreciate the encouragement.

I mean… look at hearthstone guys… what’s the hold up, right? Pull us another hearthstone here, come on!

IronSalamander8 .


I really want to see more crossplay for games I love like Garden Warfare 2 but the 3 platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox 1 in this case) are kept apart for various reasons, a big one in shooters is of course the fact that it’s so much easier to aim with a mouse than a controller.

I think it’s solvable but as you point out its much easier in a turn based card game than a shooter! FF14 has crossplay but my understanding is that a big part of why the GCD is so long in that game is at least partially from having PC and PS players able to play together.

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

Again, Epic and Fortnite show us that’s hardly a insurmountable obstacle for a shooter: you split players up in PVP matches based on their control scheme; and in PVE it doesn’t really matter very much. Additionally, both the Xbox and PS4 will have mouse and keyboard support this November (PS4 has had it for a long time, Xbox is finally getting it), so there will be demand for companies that make shooters to start incorporating it into their games regardless of platform, and that will likely begin to filter into these games fairly quickly.