Paladins’s 1.6 update, Dark Tides, introduces a new champion, a new event, a new map, and more


Yesterday, Hi-Rez pushed out the Paladins 1.6 update, adding a new champion, a new in-game event, a new map, new cosmetics, and more. The highlight of the update, known as Dark Tides, is the introduction of a new champion, Dredge. Dubbed with the not-at-all ominous title Admiral of the Abyss, Dredge is a ghostly pirate resurrected by the eldritch powers of the Abyss who wields a devastating handheld cannon and sinister harpoon to go all Captain Ahab on his enemies.

The update also introduces a new in-game event, Dark Tides. During the event, “every Siege, Team Deathmatch, and Onslaught game will have a 25% chance to spawn one of four Abyssal Echos during the match.” Defeating the echoes, which can take the form of one of four Champions in their Dark Tide event skins, will earn contributing players Dark Doubloons — or, if they’ve managed to take down the Full Moon Viktor echo, a Gold Doubloon — which can be traded for exclusive event items and, in the case of Gold Doubloons, “Special Variations of the Dark Tides skins.” There’s also a new Onslaught map, Marauder’s Port, that pits players against one another in a seaside shanty town corrupted by the Abyss. Those are only the highlights of the update, but there’s plenty more besides, so if you want to see everything Dark Tides has to offer, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes