Mark Kern’s crowdfunded MMO shooter Em-8ER has ‘nearly’ finished its demo characters

Welcome to Sucksville, population 25,000.

It’s been a while since we checked in on Em-8ER, Mark Kern’s frustratingly named “massive planetary wargame,” so we’re rectifying that today.

MMO players will recall that Kern renamed the game Em-8ER (from Ember) back in 2016, not long after announcing the new game, which proposed “serial Kickstarting” and has run several successful Indiegogo campaigns for different chunks of development. Kern, of course, is well known as a controversial figure in the MMO genre thanks in part to his ousting from the now-sunsetted Firefall and his involvement in the pre-WoW Classic vanilla WoW community.

Earlier this year, we reported on Crixa Labs’ acquisition of the composer who worked on Firefall; since then, Kern has been pumping out monthly video updates for backers. The most recent touches on the upcoming art build.

“Nearly all the characters are finished for the game demo,” Kern says – that includes human men and women as well as four races. “They need to be textured and animated, but a new build with fully textured assets will be distributed to all backers so they can see the completed art progress so far.”

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