Vehicular-combat MOBA Heavy Metal Machines enters full release


Yesterday, developer Hoplon’s free-to-play, vehicular-combat-based MOBA Heavy Metal Machines put the pedal to the metal and zoomed out of Early Access and into its official full release. Apparently answering the question, “What would happen if Rocket League and League of Legends had a baby, then asked Twisted Metal to be the godfather,” Heavy Metal Machines is a MOBA in which “2 teams of 4 insane pilots gather to fight and deliver a bomb [to] the opponent’s base.” Seems simple enough.

Players can jump into the boots — or driving gloves, we suppose — of a wide roster of post-apocalyptic battle-car pilots, each of whom has his or her own unique abilities and playstyles, and battle it out with other players to see who the true road warriors are. According to the official Steam page, Heavy Metal Machines “is made to be competitive, so [it has] weekly Community Tournaments, College Tournaments, and special Global Championships — and [players] can win prizes over €15,000 [(about $17,615 US)],” so players who are looking for a new competitive scene to sink their teeth into might want to give it a look. Heavy Metal Machines is free-to-play and available now on Steam.

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Makes me want to play Rock N’ Roll Racing on SuperNES, lol.


I’d much rather see non-cartoony art direction. Pass.

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Reminds me of Micro Machines, any one remember that? little vehicles racing in the kitchen! i loved these games, i checked steam if there is a new version and there is, but reviews are mostly negative, and i agree with the reviews.

Anyway, when there is a game with tiny machines racing then you’ll see people at least give it a try, but this game not for me.


My brother and I used to get lost in Micro Machines’ editor, some 20ish years ago, designing tracks and pixel by pixel its 2D cars! XD