MapleStory 2 prepares for its headstart with a massive patch

Straight shot.

The headstart period for MapleStory 2 is arriving today, and that means players are being treated to a nice big patch reflecting the fact that the game is now playing for keeps. This means that players who bought Founder’s Packs are getting all of the items from those packs, for example. But the patch also brings in a number of additional changes to the game based on feedback from the beta test phases.

[AL:MS2]Spellstone and Guardstone item rewards have mostly been replaced with Gemstones, for example, which works well with the fact that the full Gemstone system is now in the game. Dungeon difficulty and rewards have also been adjusted, as have open-world monsters who were just too durable for being out in the field. Experience gains have also been improved; you’ll get more from clearing dungeons and more from fighting monsters out in the field. It’s a lot of tweaks to the game’s beta state, so check the patch notes out before you dive into the headstart this afternoon beginning at 1 p.m. EDT (assuming the servers come up on time!).

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