Albion Online holds roadmap Q&A livestream, rolls out first Monthly Adventurer’s Challenge


The folks at Sandbox Interactive recently held a live Q&A session in which they answered the Albion Online community’s questions about the recently revealed development roadmap and broke down the details of the upcoming content featured on the official roadmap. Although the amount of information provided in the hour-long livestream is far too immense to even try to condense into this article, some highlights include the devs delving into the design philosophy behind the upcoming Crystal Realm GvG Battles (which Game Director Robin Henkys says is already well into development) as well as information about GvG season changes and rewards, 20v20 Hellgates, and the much-anticipated randomized dungeons.

Also, you may remember that the devs recently gave players a look at the new Monthly Adventurer’s Challenges. Well, it’s officially October, which means that the first of these challenges is now underway. Over the course of the month, players can complete challenges to earn points toward their progress in the Monthly Adventurer’s Challenge, which will grant them rewards themed around the month. October’s rewards are, naturally, themed around the month’s associations with the harvest season and of course Halloween, and players will be able to get their hands on a variety of suitable prizes, including the new Spectral Bat mount. The full details on the Monthly Adventurer’s Challenge can be found on the official site, and if you want to see the full roadmap Q&A in all its glory, just scroll on down below for the stream recording.


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