Check out a cinematic peek at Star Trek Online’s first Age of Discovery ship

Boldly gone.

In order to really feel like a ship belongs in Star Trek Online, you really need to get the proper introduction. A slow pan around the ship, sweeping music in the background, close looks at all of the various details on the model. It’s a testament to the development team in STO that the ship models let you do that, and fan ZEFilms on YouTube has done just that for the first ship you’ll be flying in the upcoming Age of Discovery, the Malachowski class.

Obviously, this video is not concerned with the ship’s fittings or specifications, just with the look of the ships and feeling appropriately epic. If you want something to discuss the merits of the ship, this isn’t the place to look; if, however, you want to feel like this ship launches you into a world of adventures in the universe, it’s the right video for you.


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Castagere Shaikura

Sorry i can’t get past what PWE has done to the game.


You mean actually make a playable game or are you crying about lockboxes that you don’t have to buy and you can farm money ingame to buy keys for them?


For me, it’s the ground missions that make it unplayable. And they should be the best part…


The PvE cue revamp is bring back away missions in a big way, they are making red alerts weekend event based now also so people have to do the content, they are boosting mark rewards and also adding items as potential rewards upon completion.

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Richard de Leon III

I’ll give DSC one thing, their ship designs are sexy. And thats the limit of my accolades for them…maybe tilly too but im scared of her mirror counterpart…

Morrigan LeFay

Tilly is bae… Tilly is life.