Chronicles of Elyria recaps September progress, previews upcoming content


With September now behind us, the folks at Soulbound Studios have released a new monthly Community Journal looking back on everything that has gone on with the studio’s upcoming fantasy MMO Chronicles of Elyria over the past month. The post recaps the game’s second world event, The Searing Plague, which we covered as it happened over the course of last month, and it also looks back on some of the new game content previewed throughout September.

In addition to the September recap, the update also includes a number of community highlights, including the studio’s favorite fan-created memes as well as interviews with members of both the community and the dev team itself.

But perhaps most interesting to fans will be the “What’s Next?” section, which gives players a look at what’s going to be coming down the pipeline in October. Some of the things players can expect over the coming month are the “eagerly anticipated” map voting event, the Queen’s Gaze holiday, production updates on 0.4.0 Adventure completion and the 0.5.0 Adventure announcement, and a revamp of the Ambassador program, among others. If you want to know all the fine details, you can check out the official September Community Journal over at the Chronicles of Elyria official site.

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What are these holidays they keep talking about? I eagerly anticipated this game, but they seem to be seeking every excuse under the sun to get more and more money. I get that development is not cheap, but so much money poured into the project and still nothing exactly tangible doesn’t fill one with confidence.


“Fan created” stuff…
I’m amazed that there are actually people motivated enough to spend time producing content for game that’s been years in development, likely years from release.


So much written, so little actually accomplished.