Elder Scrolls Online’s 4.2.2 hits the PTS with new Indrik mount and six in-game events

Not red, nor falling.

The upcoming Elder Scrolls Online patch 4.2.2 is now up and available for testing on the game’s public test server, and it brings with it a slew of new content and in-game events for players to take for a spin. One of the new in-game events will allow players to acquire their very own Indrik mount by completing other in-game events to earn event tickets, which can then be traded to The Impresario to purchase Indrik feathers at a cost of 10 event tickets per feather. Once four feathers have been acquired, they can be used to summon a Nascent Indrik mount, which can then be evolved into a new form by feeding it unique berries, which can also be purchased at the Impresario for event tickets.

In addition to the Indrik mount summoning, there are six other in-game events primed and ready for testing: The Clockwork City Celebration will provide gathering, loot, and quest-reward bonuses to players adventuring in the Clockwork City zone, while the Undaunted Celebration event will grant players Mysterious Reward Boxes for completing Normal or Veteran dungeons through the in-game dungeon finder. The New Life Festival is also making its return, giving players the opportunity to complete new event quests for a chance at festive (and useful) rewards. The PTS is also playing host to the Midyear Mayhem, Morrowind Celebration, and Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood Celebration events, the full details of which you can find alongside the rest of the very extensive PTS patch notes on the game’s official forums.

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