Guild Wars 2 tweaks class balance, adds buyable stools and resource contracts


Guild Wars 2’s promised mini-balance-patch has arrived on schedule, and it… sure is a pile of class tweaks. Even Reddit doesn’t know quite what to think of it all; it looks like nearly every class saw nerfs, particularly the Mesmer (right on time for Justin’s return to the game to play that class). But Guardians, Elementalists, Rangers, and Thieves are lamenting PvE nerfs as well. Whatever class you play, you should probably give the list a look, particularly since the exact nature of patch wasn’t given to players in advance to complain/argue about.

And before you wonder, no, the Sigil of Nullification living world armor issue wasn’t addressed in this patch.

Meanwhile, today’s cash-shop update comes with more than just the usual round of old items back up for sale. 400 gems will nab you your very own stool so you can plop a squat wherever you wanna. Dulfy’s got clips of how it all looks. And for a cool 1000 gems, you can pick up a Black Lion Expedition Contract, which reportedly allows players to collect resources, once per day, from one of the key living world farming maps, carried out as if it’s an expedition team you’re directing to do your harvesting for you.

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Source: Patch notes, cash-shop update
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