SWTOR has (finally) launched its Fame and Fortune update


After a one-week delay due to quality control concerns, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Game Update 5.9.3 is finally coming to the live servers this morning following several hours of downtime.

Titled Fame and Fortune, the patch’s keystone feature is the addition of a new Huttball arena. Players can now take to the Sky Shredder to battle out in the game’s PvP sports mode: “Located on the scenic world of Vandin, Huttball fanatics can look forward to new and deadlier challenges as they battle for victory!”

The patch did throw free players a bone by allowing them to chat in guilds and groups without restrictions. There are a few other changes, such as being able to enter Ilum’s PvP areas as a group, that bear checking out. Additionally, BioWare is preparing a double rewards event (that’s double XP and CXP earned) that will run from October 9th through the 16th.

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Source: SWTOR

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Meh still no expansion details.. This is a waste of article IMO.