Ubisoft previews The Division 2’s overhauled weapons systems


In all the buzz around Destiny 2 and Anthem, you’d be forgiven for having forgotten that The Division 2 is still on the way, but Ubisoft means to change all that with a pre-launch series of dev blogs. First up? Pew pew, of course.

“In The Division 2, we have reworked weapon handling from scratch to deliver a more realistic experience and more interesting gameplay,” Ubisoft says. “The recoil system is all new and every weapon will feel unique and behave in its own way.” That includes a new category of weapons, rifles, as well as more interesting exotic weapons, six types of grenades, all-new weapons talents that “play a bigger role in your builds,” a new augmented reality tracker, and a retooled mod system.

“In the sequel, mods will be unlocked and not looted. The reason for this change is that some mods were seen as must-have upgrades on all weapons, which lead to the modding experience becoming less interesting. It also made reloading less important due to inflated magazine sizes, and weapon handling less dynamic because of the high handling numbers on the mods. For The Division 2, we will change the mod system so that modding the weapon will be about customizing its feel and use to fit your playstyle, rather than about mandatory upgrades. Once a mod is unlocked, it will always be unlocked, and it can be used on as many weapons as you want simultaneously. However, not every mod will fit every weapon. Different weapons have different caliber, and of course, the same goes for muzzle attachments and magazines.”

The Division 2 is still set to launch March 15th, 2019.

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