Crowfall talks harvesting, parcel tokens, and Assassin tweaks in its latest Q&A

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It’s the start of a new month, which means it’s time for another installment of Crowfall’s ACE Q&A video series. This time, ArtCraft’s Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman sit down to answer questions about harvesting, parcel tokens, in-game seasons, Assassins, and new rulesets.

In response to player complaints that they have to spend too much time harvesting resources compared to time actually engaging in PvP, the devs have recently added low-tier resources to vendors, allowing players to get into the action more quickly, though high-tier resources will still need to be harvested the old-fashioned way.

Blair and Coleman do share some information about parcel tokens, announcing that the system that allows for land parcels to be upgraded — thus expanding their sizes and allowing more structures to be built — is being worked on now.

They also address the recent Assassin changes, which have led to the class being a bit on the overpowered side as it can now move extremely fast, enter stealth instantly, and heal incredbly quickly while in stealth, making it a monster of guerilla warfare. Never fret, though; nerfs are incoming, hopefully with the next update.

Players have also requested new rulesets, including an “Iron Man” ruleset, to which the devs are not opposed, but they want to get through the first standard campaign (coming with the next update) before they start implementing multiple campaigns with different rulesets that might spread the playerbase too thin.

For all of the info on these topics and more, you can check out the full ACE Q&A video just below.

Source: YouTube
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