Dungeons & Dragons Online adds wood elves and cloaks with today’s update 40

Oh, good crop of nightmares this year.

Look out, Dungeons & Dragons Online players, there’s some sort of fluttering piece of fabric chasing after you! We’re just kidding, of course. It’s a cloak because cloaks are in the game as of today’s patch, or more specifically visuals for cloaks are in the game now. Existing cloaks get visuals, new cloaks have visuals, you can apply cosmetic looks of cloaks… all the cloak stuff you could want. That along with wood elves are both now here for all players, so that’s fun.

Of course, the update doesn’t just reward people running around with becloaked elves; there’s also the Night Revels kicking off with two new dungeon challenges and a new public hub. Players can also take part in a new level 32 raid, Killing Time, along with exploring the usual myriad balance tweaks and bug fixes that come along with any patch. Check out the full notes right here, then go ahead and make your wood elf. We know you want to.

Source: Official Site; thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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Would be interested in a cloak for my Sorcerer and my Warlock the rest of my crew would not be interested. Definitely going for the night revels cosmetics and items.


This update is Update 40, not Update 34.