Elder Scrolls Online is sending you to Blackrose Prison in the upcoming Murkmire DLC


You’re going to jail! OK, you’re going to prison, but you’re not exactly a prisoner; you’re actually on a rescue mission. Such is the plot of Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackrose Prison, the four-person arena launching as part of the Murkmire DLC later this fall.

According to the lore, the prison has a history of brutality and atrocities and has since been thoroughly taken over by some really pissed-off Argonians dubbed Blackguards, who use the prison as a base of ops for their evil-doings. The players are diving in to rescue Seeks-the-Dark, who’s been captured by these brigands and vigilantes.

“In Blackrose Prison, you and your three teammates will take on waves of enemies in five separate arenas, including Imperial deserters, monstrous beasts of the swamp, hordes of vampires, and of course the Blackguards themselves,” ZeniMax explains. “Each of the five arenas consists of five rounds, with the final round featuring an especially challenging boss fight.”

Of course, along the way, you’ll be wielding special sigils to help you best the environmental annoyances the arena is throwing at you, all for the special loot and collectibles at the end. Oh yeah, and for the Argonian you rescued. It’s also about that.

We still don’t have a date for Murkmire, but ZeniMax is still saying “soon.”

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