Fortnite patches in a chilly new panel and the Soaring 50s limited-time mode

jump, jump, glide, glide

The latest Fortnite patch is here, and it invites you to chill out. We’re sorry, there’s legally no better way to discuss the inclusion of the Chiller, which makes your feet all icy and lets you slide away like you’re just cool as can be (again, we’re sorry). You could also presumably use it to force your enemies to slide about into other traps, putting them on ice (sorry) while you stay frosty (really sorry).

The patch also brings back the Soaring 50s limited-time mode, which first arrived back in April and allows you to use gliders throughout the match. Add in the addition of new options in the Playground mode and the usual tweaks and improvements, and you should have some fun new stuff to play with when you log in and chill. (We cannot stress it enough that we are sorry about the ice puns.)

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