Get Black Desert for free… if you can get to level 56 during your trial week

Kakao and Pearl Abyss have been touting Black Desert’s 10M players number for a while now, but it’s popping the bubbly now with a big event that essentially grants the game to newcomers for free with just a few hoops along the way.

“New adventurers can earn a free copy of Black Desert Online by completing the 7-day trial challenge. Players who start playing Black Desert Online between the 3rd of October up until the 17th of October, reach level 56 on a character and complete that character’s awakening quest before their 7-day trial expires will be rewarded with a free Starters Package.”

Starter packs are currently worth about 10 bucks, just note that the promo won’t work through Steam. It will, however, give newcomers a bit of a leg up ahead of the launch of the Drieghan expansion here in the west in November.

Meanwhile, it’s patch day in Black Desert, which means more adjustments to Node Wars rules (seriously), plus Patrigio is back for those who want to chase him around to buy super sekrit loot, plus Kakao has kicked off another round of Kamasylvian Alchemists.

Source: Patch notes, trial challenge, press release

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Randy Savage

But that would require playing this game


It takes me that long just to get the settings configured and figure out how to play, thanks for nothin’!

Michael Dannemiller

How realistic is it to get to 56 in 7 days?


An experienced player can definitely do it. There are a ton of xp buffs from items available that make it incredibly quick to level, and you’d have access to the newbie servers with a double xp buff.

I have a hard time seeing someone who’s totally new to the game doing it though.

Sean Smith

When I roll a new alt, I generally get it to 56 in two days over the weekend. And I’m someone who hates grinding and highest lvl alt is only 59.
But note that you’d want to focus on killing mobs, skipping quests and lifeskills other than black spirit story quests. And even skipping them after a certain point. But still, well doable.


If I were starting 100% fresh on a new account today I could probably do it in about 16 hours. I’d probably go with something like Striker, Giant or Mystic for very easy leveling experience 1-56 and avoid classes with weaker 1-56 performance (warrior, sorc, ranger, etc). If after 56 you want a new character you still get 3 weeks of Olvia access to roll up whatever you want at your own pace.

Following the black spirit chain of quests will give a lot of upgrade mats for gear and inventory slots so you never feel like you don’t got enough bag space. This takes longer than straight grinding but you’d eventually do it anyways so might as well while leveling for the extra materials since it would help 50-56 since that is mostly gear based.

XP almost exclusively comes from killing mobs past the tutorial (Ancient Stone Chamber). Most quests are for advancing contribution which lets you invest in the game world (buy housing, buy bank storage, buy worker lodging to hire workers, etc etc etc).


Most people are saying 2-3 or 3-4 days of several hours a day play.
Then again, you’re getting $10 value for maybe dozens of hours of play.
Seriously, most people could go down the street and find a lawn to mow for 2 hours for $20 easily, and then you have $10 more.

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Tobasco da Gama

Great plan. Bring people into the game who are already burnt out, rather than waiting for them to burn out naturally over the course of a year or two.


Getting 56 these days is pretty much effortless. With the know how, and no twink gear (IE: Fresh account), I could probably do it in about 16 hours of play. 24/7 Olvia XP boost is pretty strong. Especially if you do overnight/AFK leveling during those 7 days in the 50s.