Neverwinter devs say that a legacy server is unlikely

This is the real magic item.
If you’re the type of person who loves to delve deep into the messy format of Reddit AMAs for juicy information, then boy does Neverwinter have one for you today. The systems designers over at Cryptic fielded numerous questions from the community on Tuesday about the nuts and bolts of the game’s classes, combat, and features, and there are a few noteworthy insights that emerged from this discussion. A few choice dev quotes:

  • When devs play the game: “Once you start working on a game it is always a bit professional as it is impossible to fully remove your dev hat when playing the game, but it doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy playing it either.”
  • On the danger of being too transparent with underlying systems: “Part of this is because with that information exposed it causes a lot of players to focus on it too much. Instead of playing the game and having fun with it, they are putting everything through the lens of the underlying systems/code and how it is functioning.”
  • On the next update: “There will be new weapon sets in Module 16 […] M16 will certainly have more changes, some big, that will continue our direction towards balance as well as our direction of improving old systems that aren’t functioning as well as we’d like (such as Refinement, Professions, and Salvage have all been adjusted in recent times).”
  • On upcoming events: “We have made some additions to the upcoming Masquerade event and the Winter Festival and we’d like to improve some other events over time as well.”
  • On a vanilla server: “Anything is possible, but ultimately it comes down to resources. While we do have a full version history of the game, operating a server and running the old build would be expensive, there’s a reason that most developers don’t offer services like this […] Decoupling those things and providing the old content without a broken experience would take serious development time.”
  • On new classes: “We have no plans on the books to introduce a new class. That’s not to say we haven’t discussed it, but it’s not even penciled in.”
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Neverwinter AMA getting covered by Massively?! Are we suddenly important or is it just Justin getting back to the game lately? Also read your post on your personal blog, stay with us a little longer if you can :)

Anyway, MOP caters to a wider MMO audience, so I get the title although it’s a bit misleading. Biggest news/topics actually were the rework of Hunt drop rates for Mods 12 & 13 and class balance.

That said, we’ve also taken a look at the Chult/Omu hunt drop rates for M15 and made some improvements. A trophy should always be rewarded now and some of the other drop rates have been bumped up. Overall it should be a bit less painful to grind that content now.

Our stance on new classes for a while has been that we’d like to get the balance of the classes we currently have in a better place before trying to introduce a new one. M15 is an initial push into that balance and there is plenty more balance adjustments coming with M16 as well.

We have responded on the TR preview thread and there will likely be another response as well. Power looping isn’t a sustainable way to have the class function and severely limits the ability to balance out the class properly. It was time for some significant changes to that dynamic to allow for better adjustments continuing onward.

In regards to the 2 DC meta—I don’t have anything concrete at the moment but we’ll be making more changes in module 16. We know that when we offer choices to players about how they play their class, they’d like both options to be viable, so we’re aiming to make changes with that in mind. Ultimately, although other options were viable, the community perception was so strongly ingrained that 2 DC was necessary, that we decided to make the changes so that more classes would be brought to the table in the intervening months.

Making the different paragon paths viable is actually a big push for us in M16 that we’re currently working on, so hopefully we can make the lesser used paragon paths more exciting/desired.

Anyway, thanks for the coverage! Cheers!

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No doubt they are saving it for a possible lockbox reward hah


i don’t know how well it would work in neverwinter, but legacy/classic/vanilla servers aren’t always just for nostalgia, but there are some mmos that over the years have become hyper complicated with all kinds of systems and alternate currencies. vanilla servers are a great chance for people to jump in at ground zero without being overwhelmed, getting a chance to grow with the game.