Overwatch teases its upcoming LEGO sets, players decry Pharah’s nerfs

Good work, great idea.

She’s weathered a lot of updates without being significantly changed, but Pharah is finally getting some big changes with the next Overwatch patch… and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big nerf. It’s not really fair to call “damage lowered by a fixed amount” a nerf because that’s just tuning and balancing; your actual abilities and playstyle remain identical. But reducing Pharah’s splash damage, upping her direct-hit-damage, and increasing her fire rate all bring her down from being someone who chokes off enemies with rockets to being someone directly into the path of fire on the ground, struggling for direct hits.

The changes are coming about as a result of what appears to be too much use of her among low-level console players, but players contest both the premise of that (she’s not disproportionately represented in console rankings) and the adjustments (which could be made console-only, as has been done with other heroes). Perhaps it would be better to say that justice lightly drizzles from above.

Meanwhile, Jeff Kaplan is playing with LEGO Tracer in a little teaser trailer, which is pretty great. You can check that out just below, it’s cute.

Source: Kotaku, Twitter
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Pharah’s been in need of a nerf for a long time tbh. It’s way too easy to do too much damage with her by hopping up into the air and just casually aiming in a general vicinity before spamming rockets.

The changes reward better play and encourages actually getting good with the character.

Indigo Salma

Once again PC version suffers cause of consoles….


She has been needing nerfed for a long time and it is about time it happened. Her rockets are op especially since she also can fly.


Agree, to an extent. I don’t think a nerf of this magnitude was warranted. If you’re a half-way decent shot, you can pick her out of the sky with Soldier 76. He’s always been a good counter to her.

Grave Knight

Even with Soldier you needed to be the initiator to beat her. Though I could see her getting more buffs if they ever add a hero with an air burst primary weapon (which we need for zippy and aerial targets) and/or buff Bastion so his turret gun is useful at ranges other than CQC.


Fwiw For Honor has the opposite problem.