RIFT’s first expansion, Storm Legion, unlocks on the Prime progression server


There’s a storm brewing on the RIFT Prime progression server, as Storm Legion, the game’s first expansion, unlocks today. Players on the Patron-only Prime server are now able to explore all the content that the expansion, first released back in 2012, has to offer.

“The Storm Legion update for RIFT Prime raises the game’s level cap to 60, while boosting the crafting skill cap to the Grandmaster level. The update also adds two more continents for Prime subscribers to explore: Brevane and Dusken. The island stronghold Tempest Bay has been added as a new city hub, while a host of new dungeons and raids have also been added for players looking to hit the increased level cap. High level RIFT Prime players will also be tasked with taking on Volan, the mighty Empyrean colossus! Set loose from his prison and festooned in adamantine armor, Volan makes his debut on the RIFT Prime server to take on all challengers. Test your mettle against Volan’s metal in a battle for the ages!”

[AL:Rift]Trion also wants to remind players that if they link their Twitch accounts to their Glyph accounts and tune in to the Storm Legion launch-day livestream for 15 minutes or more, they’ll earn the Raiment of the Storm Queen cosmetic outfit. The stream begins today at 5:00 p.m. EDT — i.e., as soon as this post goes live — so head on over to the game’s Twitch page and get your free swag!

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