Star Citizen’s Calling All Devs discusses coordinate-system difficulties, ship salvaging, and human trafficking


This week’s installment of Star Citizen’s Calling All Devs video touches on the complications of providing positional data in the reaches of space, the ship salvage system, the Banu Merchantman ship, and everyone’s favorite pastime, human trafficking.

According to Cloud Imperium, creating a coordinate system to allow players to know (and accurately describe to others) their position in the universe is a particularly tricky bit of business because, well, space is really big, and it doesn’t exactly have a center to serve as a point of origin. Then there are the issues of multiple solar systems, planetary rotations, and so on, making it even trickier. Still, the devs intend to figure it out and get it into the game eventually.

The studio also talks a bit about the initial implementation of the game’s salvaging system, which will initially salvage ships in their entirety for scrap. It’s possible, however, that future iterations of the system will allow players to salvage specific parts or to siphon fuel out of salvaged ships. Also on the table for discussion is the upcoming Banu Merchantman ship, which will be a trade ship on which players can peddle their wares.

One kind of trading that players shouldn’t look forward to in the near future, however, is human trafficking, which the devs do not plan to implement in the immediate future, though the foundation for the human trafficking system may be introduced with the bounty hunting system.

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