World of Warships gets hockey player Alexander Ovechkin as a new captain


It’s increasingly clear that World of Warships is just going to give players the strangest possible captains until someone does something about it. Back in 2016 the game added Steven Seagal, best known at one point for being an action star and now best known for thinking his action films were documentaries. Now the game is adding hockey player Alexander Ovechkin as a captain, because he plays on ice, which is the frozen version of water and boats go on water? We’re not totally clear; we’re just waiting for them to add Jerry Seinfeld and Ted Nugent.

Ovechkin will be available in four different versions; one for American ships, one for Soviet ships, and two versions that can be used on any sort of ship. The commanders will also have special perks for use in battle and will be voiced by Ovechkin, which will mean that you must set your bar for “how weird can this be” even higher. Plus, now you can have dueling fleets commanded by a hockey player and a former action star. Life is hilarious.

Source: press release
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They patched out Seagal’s likeness and his mumbling, incomprehensible voiceover back in February. I wonder if this guy will meet the same ultimate fate?

“Our collaboration with Steven Seagal ends with the release of Update 0.7.2. We’re removing all mentions and depictions of Seagal are from the game, and replacing them with Commander John Doe, while also changing the Commander’s portrait and removing the relevant animation from Missouri, and applying the standard U.S. voiceover to the new Commander. John Doe retains the same enhanced skills (“Expert Loader” and “Expert Marksman”), and keeps all Skill points earned with Seagal.”


oh noe.

I do think they could use more… nautical… partnerships. Like SpongeBob and the canned tuna mascot. Or Johnny Depp.

Bryan Correll

Nonsense! Clearly the Village People performing In The Navy would be the ideal for the game.

Sally Bowls

IMO, the new guy will probably be there for a while unless there are too many criminal complaints.

Bryan Correll

Seagal was being accused of sexual harassment as far back as 1991 with plenty of other allegations of “misconduct” in the years sense. Wargaming knew what they were getting. Why they wanted him in the first place is beyond me.

Nathan Aldana

not to memtion the stories of what an asshole he is, or how apparently the one time he took on an actual martial arts practitioner in a serious spar he got defeated at record pace and apparently shit himself.


We’re removing all mentions and depictions of Seagal are from the game, and replacing them with Commander John Doe

Bad idea…

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Alex Willis

“Success doesn’t come easily: in Life, Hockey, and the World of Warships.”

Certainly, those are the three classical Areas of Success, as laid out by Aristotle.