World of Warships gets hockey player Alexander Ovechkin as a new captain


It’s increasingly clear that World of Warships is just going to give players the strangest possible captains until someone does something about it. Back in 2016 the game added Steven Seagal, best known at one point for being an action star and now best known for thinking his action films were documentaries. Now the game is adding hockey player Alexander Ovechkin as a captain, because he plays on ice, which is the frozen version of water and boats go on water? We’re not totally clear; we’re just waiting for them to add Jerry Seinfeld and Ted Nugent.

Ovechkin will be available in four different versions; one for American ships, one for Soviet ships, and two versions that can be used on any sort of ship. The commanders will also have special perks for use in battle and will be voiced by Ovechkin, which will mean that you must set your bar for “how weird can this be” even higher. Plus, now you can have dueling fleets commanded by a hockey player and a former action star. Life is hilarious.

Source: press release
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