Chronicles of Elyria’s latest blog post recaps the development of Adventure 0.4.0, previews Adventure 0.5.0

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It’s an exciting time for the folks over at Soulbound Studios, as they’re putting the wraps on the development of Chronicles of Elyria’s Adventure 0.4.0 and preparing to move on to Adventure 0.5.0. To commemorate the occasion, the studio has released an absolutely monumental dev diary that recaps all of the progress that the devs have made over the course of Adventure 0.4.0. In terms of newly implemented features, the post showcases the new “goal-based, need-based AI system, complete with a node-graph authoring system” that the devs hope to provide to players, after some refinement of course, to allow them to script their own OPCs (offline player characters) when the game launches. Also in the spotlight are the new family narrative system, the personal destiny system, as well as souls, identities, and more.

The post also delves into some of the systems that have been modified and reworked over the course of 0.4.0 and which will have new implementations when 0.5.0 releases. The devs have been hard at work refining the game’s survival mechanics and skill system, and combat is in the process of receiving a pretty major overhaul. Another thing players can look forward to as the team continues work on 0.5.0 is Map Voting, which will allow players to vote on the world map for each of the game’s servers. There’s no official announcement about when Map Voting will go live, but the post says that the devs “[have] got a date in mind,” the exact date is planned to be announced in the 0.5.0 introductory blog, “coming out later this week.” For all the details on the Adventure 0.4.0 development, including some interesting behind-the-scenes looks at the tools that the devs use to test and iterate new content, you can check out the full post at the game’s official site.


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Vaporware at this point.


No voxelyria is not cancelled. It has evolved into prelyria. Take a read through the update, tons of great info in there.

P Jones

I did. Perhaps you should do so. They said that they realized that the whole idea of the voxel client did not work because it could not let them test what they wanted. So it was scrapped and they are making a new cell shaded test client. It didn’t evolve. It was tossed out and a new UE4 client is being made.

P Jones

Wait a second. After all this time and all this talk about their ElyriaMud Voxel thing they now are canceling it? Is this a joke?