City of Heroes emulator SEGS estimates it could be ready in a year and a half


We freely admit that SEGS may not have the most catchy title in the world, but it does have a goal which is near and dear to the hearts of many of our staff members; recreating City of Heroes in emulated form. The project was looking for coders back in April, and apparently it’s in a solid enough place now to give an actual completion estimate for the project of a year and a half from now.

Keep in mind that this is something put forth in a casual discussion on Twitter prompted by our own Justin, so do not set your calendar to remind you in 18 months. Still, it both gives an idea of how much effort it takes to build a fully functional emulator and gives hope to people still looking to hop into the game. Here’s hoping.

If you need to catch up on more of the SEGS story, we’ve got you covered just below.

Source: Twitter
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