Fractured announces the opening of its virtual store


Developer Dynamight Studios, creator of in-development crowdfunded MMO Fractured, has announced the opening of the Fractured store, “which marks the reboot of crowdfunding for [the] upcoming sandbox MMORPG.” The game’s new virtual shop “features replicas of the pledge packs previously seen in the Kickstarter campaign of the title,” which was successfully funded for over $130,000 US this past July. The available pledge packs range from $23 to $345 US. Also included on the store are “all the ‘Early Bird’ offers and other exclusive packs, available in limited quantity.”

The press release notes that “The current high-value packs on sale are set to be phased out once the game reaches Alpha testing, which is going to be open to all high-tier backers.” Moreover, any packages purchased from the virtual store prior to the beginning of the game’s alpha test will “count towards the unlocking of the missing Kickstarter stretch goals.” Apparently, the studio intends to “double its total funding,” which it currently sets at about $220,000 US ($100,000 from private investors and $120,000 from Kickstarter), by the end of Alpha 1, which is “scheduled to start in December this year.”

Source: Press Release, Fractured Store

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I wish this team success. I like the Devs. They interact with the Community fairly often. I like the multiple faction gameplay ideas. I hope this game finds it’s niche.