Neverwinter plans changes to salvage and dungeon reward systems in Heart of Fire


Looks like there are some changes coming to Neverwinter’s salvage and dungeon reward systems in the upcoming Heart of Fire module, according to a recent update post on the official site.¬†When Heart of Fire goes live, salvaging leftover equipment will no longer provide Rough Astral Diamonds. Instead, players will receive Refinement Points for salvaging gear. However, the post says that dungeons, heroic encounters, campaign stores, trade bar stores, seal stores, and stronghold stores “will all now grant RAD directly and other sources of RAD, such as Random Queues, still grant their RAD as they did before.”

According to the post, this change “[allows] for better balancing of rewards and makes it easier to hand out gear without having to be as concerned with the economic effects that came with salvage.” On a related note, the salvage bonus for VIPs has been changed to provide a bonus to Rough Astral Diamonds received from dungeon end chests, heroic encounters, and experience overflow rewards.

The update will also bring a big change to the way dungeon chests operate, as “non-legendary end chests will be able to be opened for free,” meaning that “for most queued content players will get a chest to open on every run without needing to have keys in their inventory.” Moreover, players can now reroll the loot from dungeon chests “for a small amount of AD.” When this change takes effect, players’ already-acquired dungeon keys will be turned into reroll tokens, with daily and epic keys exchanging at a one-to-one rate and standard keys exchanging at a rate of two keys for every one token. For all the details on these upcoming changes, you can check out the official post on the Neverwinter site.