Trove teases gardening overhaul with new minipets and new growables

I've never known, really.

One of the upcoming sliced of Trove content on the way with the Geode part two is something every farmer should appreciate. No, not that kind of farmer; the other kind. We’re talking about the gardening system, which is apparently due not just for new plants and growables but a total revamp in general.

Under the current gardening system, anybody with sufficient skill can plop down some seeds and the appropriate water and fertilizer, and then just return after the allotted time to harvest it (or admire the handiwork). It’s beyond basic, though it’s pretty fun for decorating your club worlds.

But during last week’s Trion stream, the developers showed off a number of new plants, including some that attract allies – minipets – although it sounds like they might be fixed to the location. Some existing biomes that lack flora are getting new plants too, and some of the fruits and veggies that exist in the game but weren’t previously growable will be. Probably the best bit is the new plants that are a bit like tomes in that the player will have to keep returning to water them for resources, in a system a bit FarmVille-esque, but not nearly as annoying.

Also? Tractors.

Of course, what isn’t clear is whether or not the new system will wind up employing pay-to-win or cash shop-related shenanigans.

Trion has another stream happening today at 3:30 p.m.; it’s a good bet the studio will be teasing more.


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