EverQuest II starts the holiday season with the Nights of the Dead


It’s so good to see a game properly celebrating Halloween, objectively the best holiday and one best celebrated for an entire month. Sure, EverQuest II is running a tiny bit late there, as the Nights of the Dead have just started and will be running until November 1st, but it’s almost the full month. We can give that minor hiccup a pass. The point is that you get all the spooky scary skeletons you could want in the game.

Players can unlock new merchant items this year as well as new crafted items and gather up a new collection. There’s also the option to take part even on time-locked expansion servers, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the nature of spooky fun. So put on your best costume and get ready to feel very spooky; you’ve got until November 1st, but that won’t feel like nearly enough time.


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