Rust’s latest update adds in-game cargo ship event, introduces new gun and gear


The latest update to Facepunch Studios’s free-for-all survival game Rust introduced the new cargo ship event, adds a new gun and new gear, and implements some optimization improvements. Oh, and it also wiped the servers. The biggest new feature of the update is the new server event, which sees the CCSC Lazarus cargo ship patrol the island “about 200 meters offshore” every two to four in-game days.

The ship contains valuable loot, but it’s defended by scientists and locked inside keycode-protected crates. In order to get to the goodies, players will have to board the boat via the ladders on its sides, eliminate the guards, and hack the crates’ codes, during which time the ship’s location will be broadcast to everyone else on the server. Oh, and also, the ship is full of unstable radioactive waste, so players might want not want to hang around for too long.

The update also introduces the new L96 bolt-action rifle, which features high damage as well as “extreme projectile velocity and range with very little damage drop off or bullet drop, making hitting targets at long-range much easier.” Also added in this patch is the perfect companion to the L96, the 8x scope, which features (of course) extreme magnification as well as bullet-drop guide markers, making it the go-to sniper’s scope. In addition to the new content, this patch also introduces some new optimization features that should help the game to run a little more smoothly. For the full details on all of this patch’s new additions, check out the blog post on the game’s official site.


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