ROSE Online mobile title announced for Japanese release


According to a recent report from MMO Culture, it looks like free-to-play fantasy MMO ROSE Online is heading to mobile with new title ROSE Online: Dreaming Goddess and Star’s Journey. Although the original MMO is available in the West thanks to developer and publisher Gravity Interactive, it hasn’t exactly managed to pull a huge following, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Japan, where the game has a company, ROSE Online Japan Inc., dedicated solely to maintaining it.

That same company is behind the upcoming mobile entry. Exact details on Dreaming Goddess and Star’s Journey are scarce – or, at the very least, provided only in Japanese – but the four base classes have been announced: Players can play as Rogues, Soldiers, Mages, or Gunners, with each class having two advanced classes to choose from later on. Right now, it’s unclear whether this mobile incarnation of ROSE Online will be coming to the West, as the title has been officially announced only in Japan.

Source: MMO Culture
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