The Daily Grind: What MMO seasonal event is most in need of an update?


We have started the prime Halloween season, as it is now October. Needless to say, this means Halloween events aplenty, as is good and proper. And that means I’m always thinking about seasonal events, because few things get me as excited as the prospect of Halloween rewards. Especially in Final Fantasy XIV, which tends to go a bit overboard for its seasonal events, by which I mean a lot overboard by making every new year a completely new event.

For most games, this is neither necessary nor wanted; no one has complained about the fact that fighting the Headless Horseman in World of Warcraft has persisted otherwise largely unchanged for years now. Frankly, it’s still fun, thematic, and cool. Most games stick with the same basic template, occasionally adding something new, year after year. But sometimes this basic template is, well, not a very good template. If you didn’t like Guild Wars 2’s initial Halloween offering (or Christmas offering, or Valentine’s offering, or whichever seasonal event offering you dislike), you probably won’t like round seven of the same.

So don’t feel constrained to the Halloween season. Instead, just ask yourself: What MMO seasonal event is most in need of an update? And then let us know, so we can have a chat about it.

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IronSalamander8 .

I’d say the SWTOR events, especially the life day one as it’s terribly dull and comes off as a minimal effort.

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Peregrine Falcon

The Ski Chalet Winter Event. The Speed Demon badge is impossible to earn now.


EQ2 Frostfell

Denice J. Cook

They just revamped the whole Frostfell Winter Wonderland and added lots of new quests besides, a couple years back.


Spring! More sakura blossom and pink please! <3


…no, there isn’t a /groan vote for these either folks. :(


Most of the WoW events could use some updates in terms of the actual activities. For all the flak that WoD got, at least it added some new holiday content for Halloween/Christmas by adding some extra open world content in Draenor. Maybe having more seasonal bosses, possibly open world ones like the Greench now that there’s better tech for that stuff.

FFXIV events also tend to be minimalistic in nature. They’ve been adding more seasonal event instanced activities which is kind of neat but it’d be nice to see more than just some extra cosmetics (regularly earrings…) that immediately get thrown in my Armoire.

Bruce Morrison

In Star Trek Online I’d change the winter event quite a bit. Drop Q from it. move it to either Andoria or Risa (I presume there’s ski areas there as well as beach resorts) and to get the ship something that doesn’t rely on twitch reflexes

Hikari Kenzaki

Updates aren’t always a good thing.

We’ll see how Secret World Legends updates the radio missions event. So far all the events have been updated to make them more accessible, but they also make them more grindy.
Given how level caps restrict movements into the zones where the radios are located… I’m worried how they’re going to do this.

Halloween is Secret World’s show. It’s always going to be the best game in town for Halloween (unless it’s 2016…) so here is hoping.

Robert Mann

Well, given that my idea of an update would conflict with the very status quo of MMOs by and large right now… I am not the person best suited to asking to pick one. After all, I’m not going to be very supportive of the ‘standard daily quests to get stuff’ system that is the norm for these events.

What I would like to see is a real festival type event. With lots of mini-games with no real point other than fun and hanging out together. Some interesting non-spoof lore to go with things, perhaps? Maybe some quieter moments to be found too, such as a fall leaf viewing stroll.

Basically, if the ‘event’ is the same as the rest of the game outside some pretty obvious references to our own world then it is just bland for me at this point. Been there and done that 20,000 times. Just like with playable races, mechanics, and storyline I would like to see something with a little more effort and creativity please!


Most are the same treadmill with slightly different activities, IMO. And that sucks, to be honest. Secret World seems to be the best of the bunch as Halloween fits nicely into that universe and they make an effort. But seems singular in its approach these days.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A few years ago SWTOR got it right by introducing the first HK during the Halloween time frame. The cool thing about it was that part of your quest to get HK included the investigation of a derelict ship out in space. Creepy music, traps, and other scary surprises were in store for players. It made for a great Halloween holiday without all of the themed reskin junk!

More stuff like that please… anyone, anyone, Beuler?

Maggie May

FFXIV Halloween events were always silly-cute, I always had fun doing them with new quests and rewards. They were easy to complete fairly quickly. ESO always has the same ones so I may or may not participate but there are always achievements still to complete. I wish I could play TSW, I’d love to play the Halloween events but sadly no, my puter is a horror and not in the right way. As it is I will likely be in LOTRO and everything there is pure nostalgia so I’m not sure I’d want that to change.