Dark and Light’s first F2P expansion, Shard of Faith, is set to launch tomorrow

Dark and Light’s first F2P expansion, Shard of Faith, is set to launch tomorrow

Dark and Light is gearing up for its first big expansion, Shard of Faith, which is set to hit Steam tomorrowday as a free-to-play update for owners of the original MMO. The key feature of the expansion is a new map dubbed Garaneth’s Shard.

“Adventurers will uncover new power of mysterious Faith, and fight against the forces of darkness with the help of ancient God and deities,” Snail Games says. “With the cross scene and cross plane feature, it expands and supplements the larger universe of Dark and Light.” It also sounds as if the game is introducing new NPC races to interact with, plus the long-promised mod-development toolkit.

But most D&L players will be fixated on the new magical taming system, the changes to what you drop on your body when you die, and the upgrades for questing and knowledge. Check it out on October 9th and scope out the images while you wait.

Source: Steam

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Does anyone even care about this game anymore?

Shadex De'Marr

Last I had heard D&L was still without almost any PvE content. Towns were still devoid of quest givers, no instances, story, end game. Would someone shed some light on this title’s development because I feel like I am in the dark here. Yeah, that was actually not intentional. My community ran a private server for this last year but we all got bored since there was nothing to really do. What has changed enough to warrant an expansion? Or is this the long awaiting PvE content update? Thank you.