Fortnite launches a ‘Support-a-Creator’ program to reward streamers with a little bit of money

Support... this?

Good news, Fortnite fans, you’ll be able to support your favorite streamers with money now! A small amount of money. Starting with the next update and running through December 31st, Epic will be running a special “Support-a-Creator” campaign in which you can toss the game’s V-Buck currency at your favorite creator. Once 10,000 V-Bucks have been donated to a given creator, the company will offer $5 to the creator in question!

If you’re thinking that 10,000 V-Bucks costs about $100 to buy directly, you may have noticed a slight disconnect there, but we suppose it’s best not to think about it. The system is quite clearly based off of the same setup used by Twitch for cheering on specific streamers on the platform; it remains to be seen if this version of the system will prove popular among Fortnite players for similar reasons. Still, if you don’t want to buy something in the game and you have the V-Bucks just burning a hole in your pocket, there are worse uses.


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That just sounds plain dumb and like it’ll mostly just favor those who are already big.

Danny Smith

So when did companies just give up on the pretence that ‘influencers’ are not literally just adverts for Zoomers?


So… WTF? Lol!

While there may be a few who have money to burn on something like this, the pay off is hardly at a level by which streamers will drop everything to play Fortnite.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

April Fools? So $100USD of V Bucks gets a streamer $5.

How is that fair in any goddamned Universe? So the fuckheads at Epic realize pretty much everyone knows you can give streamers more money by donating to them on Twitch?

Kickstarter Donor

So it sounds like rather than “donating”, they simply flag purchases to count towards a specific content creator who is part of the program? So they still buy the item, but the amount they spent gets added to that creators running total of “donations”.

I guess it’s a good way to encourage content creators to try to mobilize their followers into spending money and supporting them. Man, social marketing and shit is weird. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go take my metamucil and sit out on my front porch, yelling at kids.

Sally Bowls

I have no idea but to me the article reads like the VBucks are the traditional, annoying intermediate currency that items are denominated in and in lieu of spending vBucks on items one can give them to streamers?