Heroes of the Storm announces the arrival of Mal’ganis

This is perhaps more than a tease.

Characters from the Warcraft franchise make up the lion’s share of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm, but there are still some notable omissions in the lineup. For example, where would we all be without everyone’s favorite identity-stealing demons, the Dreadlords? But thus far we haven’t had any Dreadlords in the game. That looks to be changing soon, as the game’s Twitter account has been teasing the inclusion of Mal’ganis in a series of tweets that were only slightly more subtle than just announcing “Mal’ganis is coming.”

And now, it’s official.

For those of you unfamiliar with the backstory, Mal’ganis was the Dreadlord who helped turn Arthas into a Death Knight, which in turn made him into the Lich King. He since has gotten bit parts as a boss here and there and returning to impersonate a few other minor lore figures, but this would be his first big starring role outside of Warcraft III. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about his future appearance, or just the gloating notes he’ll send Varimathras about who got into the game.

Source: Twitter

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