Runefest 2018: RuneScape Mobile Android beta launches as RuneScape sees new October events


Twas a big weekend for RuneScape fans thanks to RuneFest! Jagex has posted up a rundown of all the happenings for everybody who couldn’t make it to the UK to hear it in person. Let’s dive in!

  • RuneScape – Launching today is a brand-new event in the game dubbed Till Death Do Us Part. “Taking place throughout October, the event sees the game’s version of the Four Riders of the Apocalypse emerge on Gielinor,” says Jagex. Players sould also expect more effort toward the mining and smithing revamp, a new boss, part three in the Elite Dungeons trilogy, and “the time-looping, investigative adventure ‘Needle Skips.'”
  • Old School RuneScape – Old Schoolers are getting The Lost City of the Elves, though not until next year, and if enough players want it, the devs will be working on an expansion to Zeah as well – that’s content that exists only in the OSR version of the game.
  • RuneScape Mobile – Beta launches for Android players today, though it’s aimed at existing RuneScape players initially. And yes, it does feature full crossplatforminess.
  • Old School RuneScape Mobile – It’s still slated for an October 30th launch on iOS and Android (it’s already run a beta).

Jagex CEO Phil Mansell called this event “the biggest and best RuneFest ever” and confirmed that the Farnborough venue will be used next year too.

Source: Press release

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