EVE Online rolls out its October balancing update as EVE Vegas buzz grows

I demand this skill.
EVE Online’s October update is officially live, complete with the promised tweaks to target jamming, ECM mechanics, graphics, and UI.

“This release brings a host of light balance changes, including tweaks to the Damavik based on community feedback, as well as changes to nullification on combat interceptors, and the introduction of the new Zero-Point mass entangler module. In addition to this, the October release brings a number of visual fixes and improvements, as well as some changes that should increase performance, including the removal of area of effect damage when a titan class hull is destroyed. This release also brings substantial changes to ECM mechanics that will allow for more varied counter play and retaliation against pilots using ECM.”

As we noted last week, this patch may seem a bit skimpier than usual, but that’s likely because EVE Vegas is only a couple of weeks away. CCP Falcon told Redditors that a full Vegas schedule will hit the site later today. And yes, MOP’s Brendan Drain will be there this year, so stay tuned for all that!

Source: Patch notes
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Drain is only allowed to go if he brings me back a deck of casino used cards and dice 😎