EverQuest II’s Chaos Descending expansion launches November 13 and preorders are live

Really, whatever.
It’s a big day for EverQuest II: Daybreak has announced that the Chaos Descending expansion will launch on Tuesday, November 13th, with preorders live right now. Even better, beta testing has begun as of today as well.

The expansion is gonna run you $34.99 up to $139.99, with a 10% discount for All Access members. That includes all expansion content up to and including this one and a level 110 character booster usable now – both clearly intended as catch-up mechanisms. It also includes beta access. Folks who buy in before launch snag a Jann Magi illusion with some handy buffs. The more expensive versions of the expansion include a ton of other goodies, including the Deepwater Retreat house deed, ascension boosts, and mounts.

Worth pointing out is that Daybreak is offering rewards for beta testing: sweet mounts for testing questing and crafting and infuser crates for testing heroics and raids. There’s an idea more MMOs ought to borrow.

Thinking of giving it a go? Make sure you check out our latest EverQuesting column, in which MOP’s MJ gives the low-down on how to participate in the expansion’s prelude events. We’ll also be streaming the event tonight on OPTV, so stay tuned!


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I would rather have Landmark.

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Does this mean there’s now… less chaos? It’s descended?

Santiago Draco

Honestly who cares at this point. Their recent expansions have been horrible bland rehashes of the same old tired systems as before. I used to love this game and spent tons of time raiding and exploring…not any more. They’ve put the game on maintenance mode and each expansion is just a cheap attempt to drag money out of customers without delivering anything of actual value.

Robert S.
Robert S.

Completely agree here. Also, they just keep piling on the leveling systems. It’s a hot mess at this point with no end in sight.

Currently, players have their character level, their AA (which haven’t had anything new in years), their Ascension class (level increase with this exp pack), their mercenary (which also needs geared), their familiar, their deity points, and now their Mount (which now also gets to be geared). I mean… how many leveling systems are needed to make an MMORPG? Apparently 7 now.

Sad that EQ2 has become what it is now. :-(


For the low price of $35, $90 and $140