Visionary Realms is hiring more staff to develop throwback MMORPG Pantheon


Good news for fans of old-school development or those looking for a career in that field, as Visionary Realms is hiring once again. While early hiring rounds were based on volunteer labor, over the last few years – and after the game raised a truckton of seed funding in 2015 – its positions are paid. The current set are advertised as being full-time contracted positions for all involved. So if you’ve been longing to work on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, your chance is here!

The current list of positions being hired are a collection of art positions for environments, characters, and concept art, along with a technical assistant and manager. That means the game is almost certainly gearing up to get more assets into the game in a timely fashion, which is good news for anyone looking to get into the title as well as the aforementioned group eager to work on this particular title.

We got our hands on the game back at PAX East and came away pleasantly surprised, so it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Source: Official Site. This article was amended after publication to clarify when paid work on the game began.

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This is one of the few MMOs current, or in development, that I’m even remotely interested in. I know better than to hope it turns out well, but I do anyway.

Bruno Brito

I don’t know how trustworthy McQuaid is, but i’ll be honest, he seems like he is trying to deliver a game.

If those past issues were solved, and he paid the people working for him, then i’m willing to actually move past that. Hope it’s a great game.

Sean Daniel-Ennis

McQuaid isn’t handling the business end from what I’ve been able to gather, so the game has hope.