Worlds Adrift is launching PvE servers today – if the griefing put you off, give it another look


Worlds Adrift is laying New Foundations today – literally, as that’s the name of its 27th update. The downside with this update is that it includes a wipe and character reset (yes, it’s still an early access). The upside, however, is that bard-inclined toons are going to be able to rock out with new playable guitars, and there’s a brand-new starting zone and tutorial for newbies – plus new drifting tools, better cooking, wall-walking, new gear, ship deco, more booze, and island turrets.

The PvE server, however, is probably the biggest addition for more traditional MMORPG fans. Gamers will recall that the game launched with a PvP ruleset that engendered rampant griefing, so much that even one of our resident PvP sandbox fans was concerned about the game’s longevity. At the launch of the early access, Bossa suggested that a PvE server was both technically infeasible as well as unwelcome and that players simply needed to “git gud.”

“A PvE-version of Worlds Adrift would be a betrayal of its core pillars as a lot of artificialities would have to be implemented for this to work, and these would undermine its very nature,” the studio told us back then. Obviously, Bossa has changed its mind.

Check out the new trailer – seriously, it’s amusing – and then get ready!

Source: YouTube
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