AdventureQuest 3D’s Kickstarter pets will be delivered early — this week


If you never thought you’d see a Kickstarter deliver on its promises early, have a look at this: AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds are delivering their Moglin in-game pets early. In fact, it’s a few months early. In August, Artix Entertainment started a modest $15K Kickstester for plushie versions of the two games’ mascots and ended with over $136K. The plushies and the codes were expected to deliver in February 2019. However, backers will be able to redeem their codes for the pets later this week! (Note: The real world plushies, however, will not be arriving so soon!). Codes will arrive with the Kickstarter survey.

Anyone who was bummed about lack of a PayPal option, had any issues with their previous pledge, or just wants to jump in and get their own Moglins (in-game and out) will also be able to when BackerKit opens up this week.

If you are less a fan of cosmetic pets and want your companions to have some in-game functionality, you might like to know that phase two of pets in AQ3D will include feeding, combat, providing buffs, nabbing loot, and other interesting features.