Fallen Earth, APB, and Descent get a slick new GamersFirst site

Oh, please be all right.

Little Orbit’s acquisition of GamersFirst a while back is starting to pay dividends to its fans. The company pushed out a revamped GamersFirst website last week, primarily to promote the pre-orders for Descent but also to give APB and Fallen Earth a cleaner landing page that will feed news to the community.

“You will have noticed by now that the site has been updated,” posted Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott. “This has been in the works for quite a while. Also, the Fallen Earth section is not finished. We spent quite a bit of time reviewing the old mini-site and much of that content was out-of-date. We needed to push the new site live in order to prepare for the launch of Descent. We will be going back through and fleshing this area out.”

Source: GamersFirst
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