Fortnite’s latest patch adds in an epic dance fight

On the other hand, it's possible that this is the price you pay for playing Fortnite

The newest limited-time mode in Fortnite does not allow you to do the safety dance. In fact, you will be explicitly doing the unsafety dance, because the whole goal is to occupy the dance floor as long as possible to dance and capture the disco ball. The other team wants to do the same thing, though, and will probably lodge complaints in the form of high-speed projectiles. So you’ll need to capture the floor, dance furiously, and strut your way to victory.

If you’re currently attempting to evacuate the dance floor instead, however, you can make use of the new quad-rocket launcher to throw out a quartet of rockets in quick succession. There are also the usual balance changes and adjustments in drop rates, so players should get ready for a slightly different experience even if they choose not to fight over who gets to be lord of the dance.

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Grave Knight

:| I’m starting to think they’ve abandoned the PVE part of the game.

IronSalamander8 .

As someone who graduated in 1988, I remember this song well, back when MTV played videos!