It’s suddenly spring in Black Desert as Cookie Day arrives


Happy Halloween, have a cookie in Black Desert.

No, really, Kakao has kicked off its Cookie Day event, which is an odd choice for the middle of October, but I’m not exactly mad about it. BDO players will literally be running around collecting cookies and marshmallows through fishing, gathering, slaying, and even just standing around, then cooking up the cookies and snagging rewards that range from rings and daggers to perfume and Superior Whale Tendon Potions. Just go with it.

That’s not even the only event launching today; Kakao has also turned on the super fast seasons event, meaning it’s spring right now, then Saturday it’ll be summer, and winter by Monday.

The mechanical chunk of the patch includes dialogue tweaks, a ton of little piddly bug fixes, the new 10000G gold bar, fishing changes, market cap adjustments for crafted items, and astrology content.

Source: Patch notes, event
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Schlag Sweetleaf


Jaymes Buckman

Why would a celebration of cookies be restricted to spring?