Nexon’s upcoming mobile title Spiritwish enters closed beta in South Korea, shows off gameplay footage


The folks at Nexon Korea’s internal NEON Studio are apparently working on a new mobile MMO called Spiritwish. Currently in closed beta testing in South Korea, the game appears to be an isometric action-RPG in the vein of Tree of Savior (to which it also bears a striking aesthetic resemblance) in which players assemble a team of three characters with which to adventure, complete quests, and all that good stuff.

Right now, information on the game is remarkably hard to come by. The official site is in Korean only, with no English version, and in fact there’s no guarantee that Spiritwish will ever see the light of day in the West, anyway. Nevertheless, the folks over at MMOCulture have gotten their hands on about 30 minutes of various gameplay clips from the game’s closed beta test, so if you’re interested to see some footage of a game that may or may not ever be available in the English-speaking world, you can check it out just below.

Source: MMOCulture
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Daniel Miller

I have this on my phone. I not really into kobils though, but if it goes pc i msy play more. Its like upcoming nexon Astellia game.


Controlling 3 characters simultaneously sounds interesting :O

But wow even their attack animations are the same as Tree of Savior… This has to be made by same company?