Sea of Thieves’ new cargo run mission system is live


Sea of Thieves has just pushed live the latest patch to Forsaken Shores, and this one is all about people who love to take stuff and move it to someplace else for money. No really, it’s all about cargo runs. Here’s the setup:

“You kick off a Cargo Run by picking up a Merchant Alliance contract, taking it back to your ship and voting on it as usual. This will inform you who’s waiting for you with the cargo at an Outpost or one of the newly established Seaposts. Head over there and accept the cargo, read the note attached and that’ll tell you where it needs to go!”

The bonus here, however, is that during cargo runs, you can do other kinds of deliveries too, you don’t have to hunt down the goods yourself, the missions are timed, and you have to take care of the cargo.

The patch also includes buffs to skeleton ship rewards and a ton of fixes for rowboats, of all things, since they’re used heavily in the cargo run system: There’s more rowboat damage if your gunpowder barrels go kablammo, pushable rowboats, appropriate rowboat reflections in water, improved cameras for rowboats… it’s kind of a lot. Critically, this is a huge nerf too: “Players no longer get permanently drunk when migrating servers whilst holding the Chest of a Thousand Grogs.” Awww.

There’s a ton of stuff to keep you occupied today if you’re stuck at work and can’t play just yet, including the new dev video and yesterday’s stream, which we’ve tucked down below.

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I still have yet to poke in and check out the Forsaken Shores update, but honestly kind of hard to find motivation to set a few hours of time aside just to do that. SoT is the type of game where you really need to devote 2-4 hours to it if you want to make much headway.