Champions Online’s Halloween event, Bloodmoon Rises, has returned

Halloween is hatching in PWE’s superhero MMORPG Champions Online, which traditionally includes a zombie apocalypse, battle against the werewolves, and fight for life against the undead as Takofanes plagues the game. It looks like the events are the same this year, but some of the rewards are new!

“It’s close to midnight, and something evil is lurking in the dark. The Bloodmoon has returned to Millennium City! Swim to the event store to get your hands on the new Fish Monster costume, or fly high with the Bat Wings costume. Show off your most horrifying looks with the brand new Zombie and Murder of Crows costume transformations. And get your hands on the Vampire and Werewolf Become Devices from the event store, as well. Plus, completing certain perks will grant you the brand new Black Cat and Black Kitten Action Figures!”

There’s also a sale running on sidekicks, TP trinkets, and more in the cash shop, plus a new “strange deity” costume.

Digging through our archives, I found this gem from years back. Enjoy!


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Wow – a Blood Moon event promo video from 2011 (When Cryptic was still owned by the French Infogam…er I mean ATARI)??

You’d think the CO maintenance mode team could talk a day to make a newer Blood moon promo video…oh wait, we are probably talking about two people in a closet office using WinXP PCs… ;)


I’ll probably miss most of the event because I’ll be too busy making costumes for it, heh.

Castagere Shaikura

That’s what’s really fun.


Suuuuuuupeeeeeerrrrr Braaaaaaiiiiinssssss!