New World’s world looks beautiful – we spy buffalo in the latest footage

It looks like a rather familiar world.

Tired of screenshots and leaks and one-second videos of New World? Amazon has a new video out today that might suit you. It’s footage of the alpha literally everyone got into but can’t talk about, and it’s basically running: It’s a character running through the Windsward region that we’ve seen so much of already. It’s “a region of New World composed mostly of grasslands and forests that are packed with harvestable resources,” AGS says.

The character jogs down the path past crates, wagons, cottages, campsites, farms, windmills, and creeks. The wilderness has a lot of abandoned crates by the side of the road. And lit torches. And railings. Hmm. And did ya catch the spot around 50 seconds in when the jump over a short fence goes a bit weird.

The whole thing’s below.

Source: Twitter. Cheers, Kinya!
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