EVE Online’s Crimson Harvest returns for Halloween on October 23

You should check your phonoe notifications.
I’ve always loved the name of EVE Online’s Halloween event. Sure, it makes no sense for an internet spaceships MMORPG to have Halloween at all, but Crimson Harvest is just wonderfully macabre. Plus, I love the idea of hardcore MMO players running around doing themey things for rewards while pretending they are too macho and badass for pumpkin season.

“The Crimson Harvest event returns with new sites, visuals and content! Run the gauntlet and engage in a new play experience to obtain a unique new material through mining or combat, then build your new Cerebral Accelerator! The new mineral is found buried under the surface of special asteroids, lying deep inside a mysterious nebula. It is being mined and fought over by Capsuleers and Blood Raiders, inspired by the prize of a unique Cerebral Accelerator. Experience gorgeous new atmospheric nebulae and get the Deathglow Hunters SKIN for the popular Astero, Gila, Machariel and Avatar hulls.”

This year, it’s running from October 23rdto November 5th, effectively kicking off just as EVE Vegas is coming to a close.


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